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Definition of aesthete
: one having or affecting sensitivity to the beautiful especially in art

Merriam Webster

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AESTHETE Medical Wellness Center & Medspa is a boutique health, beauty, and wellness services provider. Patients seeking to feel and look rejuvenated can rely on Aesthete's thorough and compassionate care, and safe, effective, and state-of-the-art treatment techniques. At Aesthete, medical health, fitness, nutrition, beauty, and mental health are treated as interconnected aspects of wellness.

We offer our patients personalized healthcare and lifestyle counseling and planning, as well as a host of preventive and internal medicine services. These include genetic screening, executive physicals, and healthcare coordination. With the patient's medical health serving as a foundation, Aesthete's physicians design bespoke lifestyle plans, ensuring that nutrition, fitness, and mental wellness reinforce each other. Nutritional counseling, personal training, IV vitality infusions, sexual medicine, and internal and aesthetic medicine services are integrated and all conveniently located in one space.

Facial and bodily aesthetic treatments are offered as part of this holistic view of wellness. Patients look better because they feel better, and feel better because they look better. Aesthete offers advanced procedures to fight aging, maintain beautiful skin and hair, and to shape and contour the body. We provide Botox injections to fight both wrinkles and migraines, and our unique Platelet Rich Plasma technique for hair restoration minimizes the pain and discomfort typically experienced. We also provide cosmetic surgery consultations and referrals, as well as a line of luxury medical aesthetics products. Call or request a consultation online today, and start your journey toward a complete state of wellness.


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